Erik Brunetti


b. 1967

Erik Brunetti’s work strikes a perfect balance between authorial presence and formal invention. Conveying provocative statements of iconoclastic intent, his pieces contemplate theories deeply rooted in nonconformity, lending a distinctive quality to his work. Brunetti’s creative process focuses on extending the spectrum of radical ideas in art, raising fundamental questions about the prevailing limitations on artistic freedom of expression. Brunetti dissects the facts to rebuild a divergent system and atmosphere where counteraction is the dominant emotional force.

With a career spanning over the course of more than two decades, Brunetti has always maintained a sense of self, channeling his raw talent, rebellious nature and astute observations throughout all of his undertakings, be it design, photography, music, film or fine art. His distinct, and often obscure references are a recurring theme in his work, which has been described as caliginous and risqué –yet remarkably authentic and highly analytical. Brunetti’s affection for political theory and current affairs lends further elements of danger and turbulence to his work, frequently compared to that of the Situationist International and Arte Povera movements. These innate characteristics were precisely what inspired Ivan Karp to exhibit Brunetti’s first solo show at OK Harris in 1996, an installation which was re-created in 2011, commissioned by Jeffrey Deitch, MOCA’s then-director. The piece was prominently featured in the Art In The Streets museum retrospective which surveyed the development of subversive art from the 1970’s to the present.

Erik Brunetti was born in 1967 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. He lives and works in Marfa, Texas & Los Angeles, California. His work can be found in public and private collections internationally.