Federico Uribe

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Frederico Uribe’s Psychedelic Sculptures Are Made From Thousands of Pencils

October 7, 2013 - Blouin Artinfo

The Columbia-born, Miami-based artist Frederico Uribe works wonders with pencils, but he’s just about the furthest thing from a conventional draughtsman you could imagine. Rather, he constructs elaborate and colorful sculptures using colorful pencils as building blocks. His new exhibition at KM Fine Arts‘ Los Angeles space, “Compulsive Pencil” (through November 2), features 14 works, all but one of them consisting of abstract grids and spheres in wildly vibrant patterns.

Uribe’s process, which he likens to embroidery, deploys pencils as substitutes for brushstrokes of paint, forming landscape-like orbs, Cubism-influenced patchworks of rectangles, and playful figurative works with a surrealist bent.

Frederico Uribe’s “Compulsive Pencil” continues at KM Fine Arts in Los Angeles through November 2.

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