Ramsey Dau


RAMSEY DAU (b. 1970, Los Angeles, CA) 

Ramsey Dau’s paintings combine masterfully rendered photorealism with a personal graphic vocabulary of primitive shape, pattern and expressionistic mark-making. Beginning with prodigious observation of his subconscious aesthetic and intellectual preferences, Dau creates hyper-realistic “painted collages” that challenge the viewer to discern their meaning and mode of creation. His compositions draw heavily on his background in graphic design and rely both on chance and focused intention.

I make work that I am drawn to make. Aesthetics plays a major role, working almost exclusively by feel. But as to my motivation – I believe that to be buried in my subconscious. Modern neuropsychology emphasizes the influence of the subconscious and questions the existence of free will, so maybe it is beyond my knowing. Perhaps, in time, it will reveal itself through the making of the work, like some future archaeologist finding an ancient machine and trying to figure out what it is by plugging it in and letting it run – seeing what it makes.

Dau was selected as one of Modern Painters’ 25 Artists to Watch in 2014. That same year he was awarded the Art Park Artist Residency program in Byron Bay, Australia, which culminated in a solo exhibition at Sydney’s Mild Manners Project Gallery. The Singularity is Near is Dau’s first solo exhibition with KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles.