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Robert Standish



Robert Standish is an American painter living and working in Los Angeles whose organic process explores the emotive effects of color, shape, and texture. Inspired by the color-field painters and Abstract Expressionism, Standish’s free-flowing use of paint is his way of interpreting metaphysics and theology through various compositions.

His works can be found in the permanent collections of LACMA, JP MORGAN CHASE, The Weisman Foundation, Louis K. Meisel, Larry and Marilyn Fields, and BRYANT/ STIBEL, along with numerous acclaimed private collections. His paintings have been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, with a recent group show at Carnegie Art Museum in 2017, and is a REMA HORT MANN candidate.

Robert Standish's new series, Anti-Sporadic, consists of abstract paintings in oil over acrylic. The technique embraces improvisation and specific application.Gallons of monochromatic acrylic paint are poured onto canvas and improvised movement of palette knives through the impasto begins. The dried impasto serves as a blueprint for the oil colors to be added to the trove of ridges,
valleys, divots, and subtle sectional lines that have formed from the knife. The process echoes Dubuffet's belief, "Art must be born from the material and from the tool, and must preserve the trace of the tool or the tool's battle with the material."

 "Anti-Sporadic" became an exercise in trust. Specifically, trusting that by staying on course with the blueprint created by the tools and the application of the medium, the painting will reveal a satisfactory process and unique aesthetic. This marks a significant evolution from Standish's earlier photorealistic works in which the finished painting required complete control from start to finish.

The finished paintings with their intuitive chosen palettes and containment of many odd shapes are a gateway into a color oriented pictorial language. The viewer's challenge is to resolve their experience as one of pure abstraction, representational narrative, or ultimately, as a blended language of both to unlock visceral meaning and connection.

Standish ANTISPORADIC opens at KM Los Angeles September 2017