For Immediate Release

KM Fine Arts offer EYES WIDE SHUT

October 5 – December 24, 2011

Chicago, IL. (October 5,2011) KM Fine Arts is pleased to present EYES WIDE SHUT a group exhibition with a special opening reception November 5th from 6-9 p.m. RSVP info@kmfinearts.com.

Influenced by the eyes of modern art, none of which is more powerful than the transfixing, mysterious gaze that holds the viewer to experience the human condition. The title EYES WIDE SHUT creates an illogical combination of perception, intending to express irony. In movies and art, much of what we see is determined by what we have seen and what we wish to see.

EYES WIDE SHUT showcases art that, like Stanley Kubrick’s last and most controversial film, is at once hypnotic, fragile, voyeuristic, reflecting the intense study of the human psyche. Art can please, perplex, educate, and sometimes disturb us. Many of our great artists and works are able to achieve this. This collective exhibition of works will certainly challenge the observer’s ability to passively view them, as one is drawn into them, provoking one’s senses with the artists’ vision only partly revealed.

The exhibition features 11 contemporary artists: Fernando Botero, Marc Chagall, Lita Cabellut, Ali Golkar, Igor & Marina, Jacques Le Bescond, Leonardo Lucchi, Juarez Machado, Pablo Picasso, Rufino Tamayo, and Roman Zaslonov whose empowering works immerse the viewer in optical excess.

Online Catalog is available by email request to info@kmfinearts.com.

Robert Indiana & John Chamberlain: At SOFA with KM Fine Arts

KM Fine Arts will participate in SOFA Chicago, Nov 4-6 offering works by Botero, Rico Eastman, Indiana, Igor& Marina, Kapoor, Christopher Martin, Picasso, and Rauschenberg. Additionally, KM Fine Arts will for the first time display a significant aluminum sculpture, Rose Tuxedo, by contemporary icon and SAIC alumnus John Chamberlain.

Celebrating SOFA Chicago week, KM Fine Arts is pleased to announce the landing of Robert Indiana’s original monumental HOPE sculpture to Michigan Avenue at the John Hancock Center on November 2, 2011. A private cocktail reception with Indiana will immediately follow. 


Oct 5 – Dec 23, 2011