Francine Turk | Ascension


KM Fine Arts Chicago is pleased to present Ascension, a solo exhibition of new works by Chicago-based artist Francine Turk. Ascension will run concurrently with Contemplations & Reflections. 10% of the proceeds will also be donated to the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. 

Best known for her emotive charcoal drawings and paintings, Turk is not afraid to breathe soul into her work. She seamlessly blends thoughtful beauty with the raw andvulnerable nuances of life. Deep brooding reds, gold, and blacks are paired with pops of white and bright color in her work, emphasizing drama and intended chaos.

This exhibition focuses on her Ascension series: a soulful contemplation on energy,
divinity, and transformation. Her artwork stems from a constant excavation of her truth and is revealed as a layered expression of discovery, evoking a connective and instinctive response from the viewer. 

Turk’s work can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Her works have also been featured on the sets of television series and theatrical releases. Most recently her featured pieces on the breakout hit, Empire, have introduced her to a new audience.

Beginning in 2016, she will be collaborating with the family of Miles Davis on a project that melds fine art, music, technology and social media. Francine will be acting as artist and creative director to a Miles Davis Fine Art Tour that will travel from five to seven cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Paris. Francine will create a series of works inspired by the music and overall genius of Miles Davis to be shown alongside the original drawings and paintings he created throughout his lifetime, many of which have never been shown to the public before this tour.

Francine has a love of art, supporting the “underdog” and giving back to the community. She has partnered with many non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts including organizations such as local art programs in Chicago, the Lookingglass Theatre Company, MusiCares and Grammy Foundation.

Francine Turk | Ascension

Nov 14, 2015 – Jan 30, 2016