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Carinthia West - Hanging Out

April 26, 2017

A private VIP reception, in the presence of the artist, will be held at KM Fine Arts Gallery on May 25th, 7-10pm.

For members only of Soho House, Malibu there will be a presentation and
Q & A with Carinthia West and the cultural anthropologist Bob Deutsch on May 24th at 7pm at the Beach House, Malibu.

“Carinthia was a free spirit wondering through these inspiring time with her camera, blissfully unaware that she was candidly recording icons and iconic moments of time”
-Muse Magazine 2010

The artist is thought of as the chronicler of the age creating a record to aid posterity fathom the spirit of the past. The ‘70s has been well documented, but as personal memories fade there is a revived interest in this time when the world began to change.

Carinthia West’s intimate photographs of Mick Jagger, Helen Mirren, Anjelica Huston, David Bowie and Ronnie Wood amongst others languished for years in boxes in an attic and she never dreamed of exhibiting these personal memories. Many of these photographs taken between 1975 and 1985, center around Malibu, where an eclectic group of friends would gather at Ronnie Wood’s beach house to “hang out”.

Looking back at these pictures, it appears such a golden era  -an age when HIV, drugs, disease and misfortune seemed blissfully absent- and we all basked in a seemingly endless glow of youth and opportunity”. Carinthia West

As Roger Kaye said in Muse Magazine in 2012, referring to the ‘70s “ …….the freedom to think, to communicate, to act, to love, to travel; social and economic barriers collapsed and everything seemed new. And at the vanguard of this social change were not politicians nor religious leaders, but artists, musicians, actors, directors, writers, performers and the fashionistas…”

Every photo was part of her own life whether being on the side lines of Rod Stewart’s weekly Beverly Hills football game or being there when Wood called Keith Richard  announced the birth of his child, Jesse James and Carinthia shot an historic roll of film in Cedars Sinai hospital while they waited for the birth. She remains close friends with Jagger and Wood and occasionally joins them on tour dates - a relationship she describes as “brother and sisterly”, like family really.

The renowned British filmmaker Robert Dowling is currently making a documentary about Carinthia’s extraordinary life.


Named after the Austrian province in which she was born in 1951, Carinthia who is British grew up in diplomatic circles and started taking pictures when she was nine. Her father, General Sir Michael West, was head of NATO during the Kennedy years and hence Carinthia spent half of her childhood in the U.S. educated at the National Cathedral School in Washington DC and Queensgate School in South Kensington, London. She then attended the E.15 Acting School in London. Carinthia moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s to be a hippie, but arrived to late!

Working as an actress and journalist in Los Angeles (L.A. Weekly, US Magazine, Tatler and Harper) she shared a flat with Helen Mirren and Errol Flynn’s daughter Rory.

In 1976 she was chosen by Eric Idle to act in his comedy series ‘Rutland Weekend Television’, and the cult film ‘The Rutles’. She took her Canon cameras on set, and kept a visual diary from then on, photographing those who crossed her path, including George Harrison, Helen Mirren, Carly Simon, and David Bowie, all of whom became personal friends and allowed her to photograph them behind the scenes. 

Her parents, General Sir Michael and Lady West had an extensive art collection that included a Lowry and Lichtenstein, founded the Quay Arts Centre in the Isle of Wight in 1975 and Carinthia is now the key executive.


The Spirit of ’76,
29 July 2016
PZ Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall.

Looking Back is the New Forward 11 February 2016
KM Fine Arts, LA

Visions of a Magical Time 18 September 2015
Hilton Asmus Contemporary, Chicago

An Affectionate Archive12 October – 9 November 2013
San Francisco Art Exchange 458 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA

Ransom Gallery 2013

62–64 Pimlico Road, London.

Hanging Out 21 September – 5 October 2012
The Library Space 108 Battersea Park Road, London.

Dimbola Museum 6th April – 1st July 2012
Dimbola Museum and Galleries, Terrace Lane, Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.

Hanging Out17 July – 28 August 2012
Quay Arts, Sea Street, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight.

Hanging Out 11 November 2011 — 31 January 2012
St. Pauls Gallery, 94–108 Northwood Street, Birmingham.


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Gallery Director: Ana M. Hollinger

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11-6

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